Eyebrow Shading What You Need To Know About This Beauty Trend

There are many beauty practices women engage in on a daily basis. Women change their physical appearance with makeup (lipsticks, eyeshadows, mascara, eyebrow gel/tints/kits), polishes and hair dyes. These aren’t new practices, though. Many beauty practices date back to 3000 BC. Additionally, in different eras, such as the Victorian Era, eyeshadows and lipsticks were made with poisonous ingredients. There is one beauty trend that is taking the beauty industry by storm. This trend is eyebrow shading. Here is all you need to know about eyebrow shading, different techniques, and what beauty professionals should do for this trend.

Eyebrow Shading And Its Techniques
Eyebrow shading has many different techniques and types. Eyebrow shading contains the technique of microblading and shading eyebrows. Microblading is a form of eyebrow tattoos, in a way. However, microblading is semi-permenant. This technique of eyebrow shading works best for women who desire a natural brow look that lasts for a significant amount of time. Microblading uses a pen-like instrument to place pigment into the skin on the face. The pigment only reaches the superficial layers of the skin. It does not reach deep layers of the skin like with permanent tattoos. Many praise microblading for it’s natural look. Microblading shading can fill out any spacing in the eyebrows, improves the look of thin eyebrows, and makes eyebrows look full and thick. However, for women with sensitive skin, the eyebrow shading technique that is appropriate for skin is micoshading. Microshading is very similar to microblading. The difference is in the microshading method. When microshading eyebrows, the technique gives the eyebrow a “shadow effect.” Microshading leaves small, pin-point dots on the skin, as opposed to the fine lines microblading creates. Your eyebrows will still look thick and full, although the technique is different.

What Beauty Professionals Need To Know

Many beauty professionals (cosmetologists, makeup artists, and estheticians) know how to wax eyebrows, micro blade eyebrows, and micro shade eyebrows. They encourage these beauty practices for women who groom their eyebrows. Some beauty professionals even have their eyebrows micro bladed or micro shaded. However, before they can proudly declare that they know how to complete these procedures, beauty professionals need to take microblading and shading classes. As a hopeful, new beauty professional, you don’t have the necessary experience to assist in a potentially serious procedure. One incorrect move, or incorrect stroke, and the clients eyebrow can be damaged. A beauty oh-no! Therefore, it is imperative that beauty professionals enroll in a microblading and shading training program.

What Are The Training Programs And Classes? Are They Important?

Many classes for eyebrow shading contains lessons and training on Microblade Hair Stroking Methods, Multiple Techniques for Designing Eyebrows, Safety and Sterilization, Color Mixing, Drawing Schemes, and Skin Structures, just to name a few. Each of these categories is necessary for beauty professionals. Microblading and shading contain many different processes and it’s important that beauty professionals are knowledgeable in each process. Since these beauty procedures are long lasting and cannot be fixed right away, every process requires careful attention. It is also important that these beauty professionals take their time with everything, from drawing the eyebrows to filling them in. After all, they want the safest, positive result for their client. In fact, beauty professionals can increase their earnings by offering microblading and shading. One session of eyebrow shading can cost $500-$2000. This can definitely assist beauty professionals in their earnings.

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