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Are You Kids Ready to Start the School Year?

This is the time of year when teenagers need to sometimes make the difficult transition from summer clothes to items that are more suited for the classroom. Teenage skateboarders can still love their outdoor activities, but the need to leave their Supreme caps at least in the locker, if not in the car or at home. Likewise, many of the Supreme merchandise that is such a part of long days in the sun with friends and family, school often requires a tamer and more dignified selection of clothing.
Many graphic tees and baseball caps are the perfect things to wear when you are hanging downtown with friends on a summer night, but they are not always the most appropriate fit for days in the classroom. And while there are some students who still rebel when it comes to dress codes for school, there are many times when some of the favorite clothing lines offer different styles that are wearable in a w (more…)

09 Aug 2018