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Providing Military Support Is a Great Way to Make A Difference in Today’s Current Political Climate

Your closets have never been cleaner and your cupboards have never been more organized.
You have always been a person who tends to stress clean, but these last few months have been ridiculous. You have the morning news cycle to either blame or thank for your latest cleaning efforts. After even listening for 30 minutes of the latest morning news, you have been opting to shut off the television, read a few headlines and articles online, and just start cleaning. By afternoon you are more relaxed and calm, taking time to write a well thought out letter to a local senator or representative, sometimes the governor. It is the stress cleaning, however, that helps you get your thought in order. Helps you turn what earlier in the day was anger and frustration aimed at the insanity of what has become today’s politics.
The decision to go through the storage space in the garage and donate items to a local group that provides military support allows you to be productive, while at the same ti (more…)

25 Jun 2018