Archery, Rock Climbing Or Fishing Which New Hobby Will Enhance Your Life The Most?

Fitness shouldn’t be a chore. It should be a lifestyle.

It’s a great way of interacting with the world being a series of do’s and don’ts. You can learn a lot about yourself as a person and connect with like-minded people, particularly if your social life is a little wanting. Best of all? You can give yourself countless opportunities to build muscle mass and get fit. Rock climbing, fishing and archery are just a few of the invigorating and fascinating hobbies you can pick up this year. They all boast their own unique sub-cultures across the United States and can be learned in just a matter of days. Perfection, however…is another thing.

Let’s get you started with some quick facts on fitness today and help you choose your next big thing.

Did You Know?

Everyone is looking for the ideal way to get fit and have fun at the same time. Who would want to spend time and money on a hobby that’s not interesting? Not your friends and certainly not you! One study saw public campgrounds seeing an increase in 2012. Another recent consumer study found customer spending on camping equipment has reached nearly $2 billion over the past few years, showing how serious Americans are about killing two birds with one stone. You’re here because you want to know how you can get the most out of one package. Let’s see if archery, rock climbing or fishing is for you!


It’s time to brush up on the classics. Archery isn’t just for movies and the renaissance fair. It’s an old-fashioned way of building your muscle mass and training your eye. Science has shown the stress of firing a bow leads to proper muscle development in nearly all muscle groups, including the chest, back and shoulders. It’s also incredible fun if you’re a competitive spirit, giving you plenty of opportunity to show off your aim. If you’re someone who wants to get a little more down and dirty with their hobby…the next one is for you.

Rock Climbing

There’s something almost primal about rock climbing. You get a real sense of adventure using all of your major muscle groups and scaling the most unforgiving peak. Then there’s the reward when you finally reach the top! Adventure gear for rock climbing includes the harness, gloves with grip and durable sneakers to ensure you’re never loosing your footing as you move toward your destination. Rock climbing is perfect for building your upper arm strength, general durability and, of course, sense of ambition.


Perhaps you want a hobby that’s a little more relaxing…while still being good for your health. Fishing is the way to go. While rock climbing is a steady push toward the top and archery is both competitive and difficult, fishing is easy to learn and very rewarding emotionally. Fishing has been linked to lowered stress and anxiety rates in regular hobbyists, straddling that fine line of being just involving enough to distract while remaining low-key enough to be relaxing. Fishing equipment, including fishing tackle and fly tying, can be found at your general adventure gear store.

Choosing The Right Hobby For You

Nothing like a quick review to clear things up. Rock climbing is a great choice if you like to get out in the thick of nature, though there’s nothing wrong with swinging by the gym for a two-hour session! Archery can be a perfect fit if you want a higher learning curve that seriously puts your upper body limits to the test. Lastly, fishing is an involving hobby that enhances your emotional health and offers you the potential of a tasty catch at the end of the day. Who says you even have to pick one? The sky’s the limit for getting fit and being happy.

Drop by your local fishing outfitters or archery gear store sometime this month and put yourself on the fast track to living life to the fullest!