When Was the Last Time You Bought New Furniture for Your Home?

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High end furnishings are getting a second look as the nation listens to the unique help that one large furniture store owner has been providing during Hurricane Harvey. Known as Mattress Mike, this owner of a mattress and high end furnishings location in Houston has offered his space during two other storms as well. The generosity of Mattress Mike meant that the 200 or more people who were picked up in what they thought was a simple rescue truck had actually drawn the lucky card that put them not in just a crowded shelter like many of the thousands in the city, but instead deposited them among high end furnishings, some people landing in fancy showrooms that looked better than any home they may have just lost.
Although a furniture show room cannot replace an entire home, these Hurricane Harvey victims were just glad to have a warm and dry place to ride out the storm before they begin the eventual transition and clean up they will have to face.
Are You Getting Ready to Refurnish an Entire Home?
Whether you are looking for European style furniture or a small set of vintage Italian glass vases, finding a reputable dealer and a very large showroom. For instance, Italian fine furniture ideas are easier to evaluate in person, or at the very least on a website where you can use hover animations to see all sides of a product. From looking at unique furniture pieces to looking at luxury Italian bedroom furniture, buying any amount of furniture is can be exciting.
Consider some of these facts and figures about the high end furnishings market and the habits of today’s consumers:

  • 60% of high-end home furnishings customers look for items that make them feel comfortable and calm.
  • $101.41 billion was the amount of furniture and home furnishings sales generated about in 2013.
  • 42% of all furniture and bedding buying households in 2012 were Boomers. By 2014 when Boomers were between the ages of 51 and 69 they comprised 29% of all buyers.
  • Millennials? were 14% of all buyers in the year 2012, but by the year 2014 Millennials comprised 37% of all the households buying furniture and bedding, making them the largest consumer generation.

The few Hurricane Harvey Victims who have been staying in Mattress Mike’s showrooms and store will soon face the difficult challenge of putting their life together, and Mattress Mike jokes that he will probably have one heck of a sale on the lived in pieces in his showroom, but the spirit of American is running strong in furniture stores and many other manufacturers across the country. Whether you are looking for new furniture because you have lost everything in a storm or you are trying to find a single new furniture item for a new apartment, sometimes knowing where to look is the key.