What to Know About Chamber Rentals Before You Invest

Young worker opening door of industrial refrigerator

You may need to rent a chamber for low-temperature refrigeration. This type of cooling is defined as applications requiring evaporator temperatures in the range of -20 F down to -250 F, according to The Burning of Rome. When it comes to chamber rentals, here are six things you should know before investing.

1. Purpose

Before renting a chamber, understand the purpose it’ll serve. It’ll help ensure that you get the right chamber for your needs. For example, some chambers are used for storage, while others are for testing things like humidity or durability.

2. Temperature Range

Not all chamber rentals are created equal – some can reach lower temperatures than others. If you need a chamber that can hit -250 F, make sure to get one designed for that. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with a chamber that doesn’t quite meet your needs.

3. Dimensions

The dimensions of the chamber are also important to consider. The chamber must be large enough to accommodate whatever you need to store or test. You don’t want to pack things into a chamber. Some chambers may be as large as a room, but others may be small enough to fit on a tabletop.

4. Portability

Some chamber rentals are portable. If you need a chamber to move around, make sure to get one designed for that. Some come as benchtop models, so make sure you know about portability if that is an issue.

5. Cost

Chambers can vary greatly in price, so be sure to get one that fits within your budget. Otherwise, you may end up spending more money than you need to. Some companies do monthly rentals while others do weekly ones.

6. Where to Rent a Chamber

Make sure you use a reputable source for your chamber rentals. Be sure to do your research and find a chamber rental company you can trust. The best way to find an ideal place for chamber rentals is by word-of-mouth from other professionals and by reading online reviews.

Chamber rentals require some investment, but if you keep these things in mind, you can be sure to get the chamber that’s right for you. Understand the purpose of the chamber, temperature range, dimensions, and cost before making your decision. To learn more about renting a chamber, contact ProTemp Mechanical today!