Tips for Your Bath Remodel

Are you considering a bath remodel? Have no idea where to start? If so, then you will want to tune in to watch this video on the top 20 bathroom remodeling tips and tricks that won’t break the bank. Now let’s get started!

When you’re ready to undergo a bathroom renovation it can feel overwhelming. There are so many different options to choose from such as the style you’re going for and the materials you want to use.

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The first tip this video goes over is to tile your shower like a pro. Don’t rush this process and make sure you have the right style tiles you want. Another great tip is that used items are completely acceptable. Places like habitat for humanity have great deals on toilets, sinks, tubs, and even mirrors for your bath remodel.

When picking out your countertop colors for your bathroom, don’t be afraid to get creative. Instead of beige, brown, or tan, try unique colors that you typically don’t see. This will ensure you are not spending a ton of extra money since the most common colors will be the most expensive. Additionally, a great tip that will save you time and money in designing your bathroom without having to move or change your plumbing lines.