The Purpose of a Mini Face-Lift

This video provides some information about the mini face-lift procedure and how it differs from the traditional face-lifts. One of the primary differences between the two procedures is that the mini face-lift has slightly smaller incisions. Another difference between standard face-lifts and a mini face-lift is that the mini involves slightly less dissection than the standard face-lift does.

There is also a little less structural work for the doctor to do.

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The mini face-lifts do not last as long as the full face-lifts because of the smaller amount of dissection and structural work. The doctor claims that the monetary difference between the two procedures is not that great.

Neither a mini face-lift nor a full face-lift will look unnatural if the individual uses a skilled surgeon who has the vectors correct. Many people want to know if and when they will need to have another procedure if any. The doctor says that the longevity of a face-lift varies, and one of the factors that make it vary is the patient’s age. A person in his or her late 60s or 70s is not likely to get a second procedure. A 40-year-old patient may want a second procedure in 10 or 20 years. This particular doctor recommends that all patients strongly consider face-lifts instead of mini procedures.