The Best Male Fashion Styles That Will Last the Test of Time

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Any trendy guy knows how it works, you shop at an online apparel store for this season’s trends only to have them change next year. It is important to invest in some good quality pieces that will get you from season to season without breaking your bank account. Here are some pieces that will stand the test of time.

5 panel hats

Every guy needs a good hat that can get him from the gym to his favorite dinner spot without missing a beat. These 5 paneled hats are one of the best things to invest in, as you can wear it with everything while also covering up a bad hair day if needed. If you are looking for some inspiration, head over to Supreme apparel as they have a variety of supreme 5 panel hats to choose from.

Skinny jogger pants

The skinny jean is here to stay, and it most likely will never go out of style. If you want to keep the streamlined look while changing up your outfit a little bit, go for skinny fit joggers. These crop at your ankle so you can show off your nice new pair of kicks, without bunching or stretching out in weird places.

Flannel shirts

There is no such thing as too much flannel. This versatile piece can be worn for warmth during the winter time, or it can be worn open over a graphic supreme shirt for the summer time. Grab as many as you can, they go with a lot more than you think!

Leather tote bag

A guy needs a bag too! Ditch the canvas and go for something with a little bit more class. A leather bag will be able to stand up against the elements and can last you from college to your first — and second — jobs! Don’t forget to waterproof it and you will have nothing to worry about.

Wing tipped shoes

Even though sneakers are always a good idea, sometimes you have to be a little bit more fancy. Get a nice leather pair of winged tipped shoes, and you will sure to make a statement!

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