Persian Rugs Are Extremely Valuable

Persian rugs are a luxury item everyone wants. They can go for tens of thousands of dollars. Why are they so expensive? In this video, you will find out. If you already happen to have a Persian rug, make sure you take good care of it. Consider having a carpet cleaning company clean if regularly.

Persian rugs originated in the Middle East. Specifically, they originated in Iran.

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There are many varieties of patterns and shapes used. In fact, each village has a distinct characteristics to their rugs that have developed over time. One village may use certain patterns while another uses different patterns.

Traditional Persian rugs are made from dyed sheep’s wool. Even the colors come from natural sources. These sources include plants and bugs. The wool is turned into yarn which is then strung across a loom. Knots are created by hand. Some rugs may have over as 1,000 knots per square inch of rug. This process of weaving by hand takes a long time. It can take a person a month to weave one meter of carpet. This is why carpets are normally divided into sections with one person working on each section. This work is long and painstaking. It is for this reason, and the use of quality natural materials, that these Persian rugs are so expensive.