Lab Grown vs Natural Diamond Rings

Do you love diamond rings? Then you should know that not all diamonds are created equal. Natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds cannot be distinguished by the naked eye. Small amounts of nitrogen are present in natural diamonds, however, nitrogen is absent from lab-grown diamonds.

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This is indeed one of the indicators that gemologists look for when determining whether a diamond is man-made or natural. Natural diamonds are formed over the course of millions of years under the pressure of the earth’s crust, after which they are mined, cut, and polished. The same tests are run on a lab-grown diamond, but in a different setting. In fact, the method employed to produce a Lab Grown Diamond drastically reduces the growth period, from millions of years to a few months. The Lab Diamond is then also polished and cut.

Are diamonds grown in a lab good? In general, the response is affirmative. Whether it is a lab-grown diamond or a natural diamond, a flawlessly cut, internally flawless diamond is highly pricey and uncommon. Accredited gemological labs refer to and grade Lab Grown Diamonds and Natural Diamonds in accordance with the differing degrees of internal “inclusions” compared to fingerprints. Want to know more? Watch this clip.