How You Can Help Support Military Families With Your Gently Used Items

Our donations can go a long way towards helping those who have fallen on hard times. It’s my personal philosophy that if you can give, you should give. The amount doesn’t have to be large, in fact every little bit truly does help. In particular there are thousands of military families in the United States that could use a bit of help. Whether it’s donated home goods, or everyday articles of clothing. Donating your gently used goods not only serves as military support, but it can benefit us as well.

How Donations Can Help

  • Clothing Donations Donating gently used clothing can go towards helping military families that might not be able to afford brand new clothing. For example, if you have children you know how quickly kids can outgrow their clothing. Keeping up can be an expensive endeavor! Donating clothes that your children can’t wear anymore can help other families who need help keeping up. Additionally, donating clothing helps keep hard to decay materials out of landfills, which goes a long way towards benefiting the environment.
  • Environmental Impact Much of the clothing donated today is made synthetically. These synthetic materials can take upwards of fifty years to begin decomposing in a landfill. In the United States nearly 12 million tons of clothing is tossed in the trash every year, and all of it adds up. Donating clothing is the best way of recycling these materials, and can help keep the world just a little bit cleaner.
  • Home Goods You never know how many things you use a pot for until you don’t have one. There are many essentials we take for granted everyday that other people consider a luxury. Gently used homes good like bed sheets, kitchen appliances and utensils, blankets, and fans (among other things) can go a long way when you’re down on your luck. It’s the little things that we seldom think about that can make the largest impact.
  • Less Clutter. We all accumulate clothing and goods that we don’t use as often as we think. After years this adds up and we’re left scrambling for clever storage places. Donating what we no longer need is the best way of getting rid of this clutter, all while helping those need what we have. Who knew that cleaning out your closet could provide military support?
  • Giving Back. Lastly, one of the best reasons for donating is the knowledge that we’re making a difference. Individually we may not be able to give a million dollars to a charity, but tangibly we can make someone’s life a little bit easier. As someone who has been down on their luck in the past, I can attest that the simplest things do go a long way. Furthermore, knowing that you’ve made a positive impact in someone else’s life is a feeling unlike any other. Kindness lends itself to kindness, and the more positivity we can give back to the world, the better.

  • Millions of Americans shop at second hand stores everyday, and while it’s not always people who can’t afford new things, there are many people who have no other options. We owe it to those, especially those who have loved ones serving our country, to help in anyway that we can. Military support is as simple as donating little things we no longer need. A little goes a long way, and that is true for whatever we can afford to give.