How are the Best Floral Arrangements Made?

Crafted floral arrangements are a great way to tell someone that they are special. In Medieval times, each flower could convey a secret message. The best floral arrangements can make a whole conversation in flowers. John McDonald of the popular YouTube channel Flower Joos looks at how the best floral arrangements are made.

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A floral arrangement isn’t just about the flowers. It’s also about the container the arrangement is being displayed in. Both the containers and the flowers need to compliment each other to make up a harmonious whole. Added greenery helps to create a more pleasing shape, especially if the flowers are not yet in bloom.

You then want to decide what the general shape of the floral arrangement should be. Should it be like a mushroom, a lollipop, or a tree? Some floral cages or frames can create even more daring designs, like a new moon or an animal.

Each floral arrangement has a flower or kind of flower that immediately attracts the eye’s attention. These are called focal flowers. Decide on these flowers before adding any other flower or greenery. Choose the filler flowers or greenery to compliment the focal flowers. Arrangements are made with roughly cut flowers and greenery to make a pleasing overall shape. When an arrangement is decided, the flowers are cut and bound. Then, it’s ready to go.