Get Moving into the Right Pair of Waterproof Walking Shoes

Womens waterproof hiking boots

Movement is essential for the human body. This may seem like an obvious statement, but if you compare the daily activities of our nomadic ancestors with the current trends of sitting behind desks and screens, the encouragement to move starts to make much more sense. We were not made to sit as still as many of us find ourselves doing for the majority of our days, and the evidence can be found in the overall decline in public health. Much of the issues with obesity, blood pressure, and heart health can be traced to the widespread lack of movement. But perhaps there just needs to be the right kind of motivation, such as the perfect pair of waterproof walking shoes.

Why you are missing out if you don’t have waterproof walking shoes
So the truth is that everyone finds their own path when it comes to exercise and movement. Maybe you will take an aerobic dance class, or join a rowing team, or start jogging. But if you are not sure where to start, you can always resort to the most basic form of movement: walking. One of the very first things we learn how to do, the simplest mode of transportation. You barely need any equipment apart from your own body. The one thing you do need is the right pair of waterproof walking shoes. Of course, they are not required to be waterproof, but if they are, then you will not have any simple excuses when it comes time to move on a rainy day.

Benefits of having the perfect pair of waterproof walking shoes
The only “equipment” that you need for walking is the right pair of tires. That is, if your body is a machine, you need to be fitted with the right pair of tires to keep everything working properly. Finding a waterproof pair not only takes away your excuse for not going out in rainy weather, but it keeps you prepared for whatever you may come across during your outing, from puddles to snow to river crossings. And whether you invest in trekking sandals or winter walking boots, you should be able to check off a few different elements when you shop for the perfect adventure shoes.

What should I be looking for in my shoes?

It does not matter if you are planning on buying trail walking shoes or a pair of athletic kicks to wear as you circle the local track, there are some key traits that your new equipment should possess.

    Your shoes should be…

  • Waterproof

    As previously stated, it is a major plus to have waterproof footwear when you are out for some exercise, especially when you are out in the elements. Waterproof shoes will help to keep your feet dry as well as decrease the chances of developing uncomfortable blisters. Be prepared for walking, hiking or running in any condition by donning waterproof footwear ahead of time.
  • Supportive

    The last thing that you want when you are trying to improve your fitness level is for an ankle to give out, or to feel like your shoes are not providing the basic support that you need to go on your way. Finding the right amount of support in a pair of shoes is crucial for the safety of your feet and joints. You will want to keep track of how far you trek in each pair of shoes, as they will start to lose their support after about 500 miles.
  • Lightweight and flexible
    The heavier the footwear, the more apparent the strain on your stamina and overall energy, not to mention the gradual wear on your joints. Many hikers often compare one pound of weight in your shoes is equal to carrying about five pounds on your back. You’ll need to find that perfect balance of heavy duty enough for your adventure but light and flexible enough for you to comfortably maneuver around.

It is recommended that adults get at least two and a half hours of moderate aerobic physical movement each week, and for at least 10 minutes at a time. Movement is important. So get fitted with the right pair of shoes and get moving.