Easily Make Your Own Graphic Tees

If you are looking for new ways to spruce up your fashion without spending a lot of money on the top brands, you may want to consider making your own custom t-shirts. Making your own shirts is a great option to create the exact clothing you want to wear while saving a lot of money. You can even start your own exclusive line or brand. In this video, you will learn how to get started making your own shirts.

Video Source

The first step is to shop for cheap shirts to act as the base. You can go to a thrift store. Choose plain, solid color shirts. You can also get hoodies and sweatshirts. Make sure you fully wash and dry the shirts through the washing machine and dryer prior to making the shirts. You can then search for the art and images you want to put onto the shirts. There is software to help you prepare the images. You will also need a printer and transfer paper and, most importantly, an iron which will be used to transfer the image onto the shirt like a heat press. The video will go through all of the steps to take and also give you helpful tips.