Deciding On Your New Bathroom Design

Designing your bathroom is a great way to create your own personal spa at home. It can be a lot of fun to update your bathroom with modern interior design trends. As you plan your bathroom remodel, you should pay attention to modern bathroom design concepts. The video below can give you a great introduction to some of the most popular bathroom trends of 2022.

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For example, you may want to install fluted tiles in your bathroom. These stylish tiles are relatively small compared to many bathroom tiles. They are often made of glass and are long and very narrow. They may only be twice or three times wider than the grout lines around them. They can be installed vertically or horizontally and help give bathroom walls a textured look.

Many modern bathrooms are designed with dark color palettes. Dark colors are combined with a mix of textures to give the bathroom a modern look. Since bathrooms are small rooms and are meant to be cozy and relaxed, these dark colors and textures end up feeling restful and relaxing.

You may also see a number of black bathroom fixtures. These fixtures go with the dark color palettes mentioned above, but many people also offset them with contrasting light colors in the rest of the bathroom.

No matter what you choose for your bathroom remodel, you’ll be able to create a relaxing, beautiful retreat in your home.