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3 Reasons Why Every Woman Needs a Good Tote Bag

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Just like you can often judge a man by his shoes or his tie, you can always judge a woman by her purse. Are you a handbag maiden or a clutch queen? A bucket gal or a messenger maven? Oftentimes, it’s always a good idea to have a few of each ready to go in your closet so that you can be whoever you want to be, on any given day!

One thing’s for sure, though: Every woman needs at least one or two high quality leather totes in her fashion arsenal. If there’s one look that’s virtually timeless and versatile enough to take you from the grocery store to the office to the nightclub all in one day, it’s the legendary tote bag. Here are three reasons why tote bags for women are a fine leather goods must-have, no matter the season.

  1. They’re durable.
    Those leather belts you’ve had since you were a teenager? They’re still usable because leather is so gosh-darn durable. It can even look more chic after it’s been through a little bit of wear and tear. Leather totes will stand up to long commutes, heavy loads, and even long years of being forgotten at the back of your closet.
  2. They’re just right.
    There are those evenings you’re getting ready to go out, and can’t decide whether you’re too overdressed or underdressed. A leather tote is the perfect “Goldilocks” bag: not too much of anything, but just right for practically everything. And they can even hold a spare change of shoes if you really need to change!
  3. They’re versatile.
    Day to night, office to vacation, home hangs to date nights. Is there anywhere you can’t go with a good leather tote? Plus, unlike other larger-end bags, they don’t look awkward when they’re not packed with stuff, either. No more bottomless purse abyss.

Let’s face it: We all like to have a lot of different purses. But if you’re going to only have one purse, make it a tote. They’ll never go out of style, and they’ll always be able to carry whatever you need — and make you look good while you do it.

05 Oct 2016

Modern Meadow Startup Developing Real-Synthetic Leather

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It sounds like something of an oxymoron, but it’s a startlingly truthful statement. According to, Modern Meadow, a Brooklyn-based startup company, recently received another round of investment funding – reportedly around $40 million – as they continue to develop sustainable leather materials that are essentially real leather, except it’s made without the hide of a cow.

By using living cells that produce collagen and proteins, the startup has had success creating a biologically identical version of leather you would get from a cow’s hide without the actual cow itself. Things like leather briefcases, leather keychains, and leather belts, will be able to be made without any actual animals. Sounds kind of crazy, but it’s backed by science.

“Growing leather without an animal might seem futuristic but at Modern Meadow we?re making it reality,” the company’s website reads. “Biofabrication enables us to grow nature?s materials using living cells instead of animals. “Depending on the desired features, we design and engineer the material to deliver the right structural and aesthetic properties. We then tan and finish it through an efficient, ecologically mindful process to give the material its final character.”

Their site goes on to explain in scientific detail just how the process works, which you can check out here. Basically, they manipulate DNA to manufacture collagen and then put the DNA in cells where it’s multiplied. The end result is a material that’s, well, leather for all intents and purposes. It can be made into leather briefcases, for example. Except for you didn’t have to kill a cow to get it.

Cowhide is typically the thickest leather, ranging between 1-ounce and 12-ounce varieties. According to Chief Creative Officer, Suzanne Lee, the process allows for the material to be tweaked for thickness, flexibility, elasticity, etc.

This process could have a big impact on more than just animal rights though. The meat/leather industry has long been derided for the detrimental effects they can have on the environment and potential breeding ground for “super bacteria.”

“Leather, which represents a $100-billion raw material market, has always been prized for its beauty, functionality and enduring status,” said Modern Meadow chief executive officer and co-founder Andras Forgacs in a press release. “At Modern Meadow, we’re re-imagining this millennia-old material to create revolutionary new features without harming animals or the environment.” References. See this link for more references.

29 Jun 2016