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What You Need to Know About Fly Fishing Gear

Fly fishing is a great sport. Before you head to the fly fishing shop, though, learn everything you need to know about what to buy.

Your Fly Rod

The fishing shop will have quite a few rods for you to choose from, and you should get the best quality that you’re able to afford on your budget. Here are some things to consider:

  1. The length This will decide how well your rod performs. If you are planning to fish small streams, rods between five feet and eight feet long are the best. If you will be fishing a larger river, you might get a longer option. For beginners, though, your best bet is a rod between eight feet and nine feet long. This gives you flexibility.
  2. Rod weight The weight of your rod and its line are what determine which types of fish you can catch effectively. If your line is too heavy for the weight of fish that you are cat (more…)

10 Jul 2018