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How To Throw the Perfect Engagement Party

Are you joining the half of American adults who are already married? You had a successful proposal, and your soon-to-be-wife spent weeks showing off her engagement ring to all her friends and family.

So, what’s next?

Even before you decided on getting married, you already know that the marriage proposal is the start of a string of events that will mark the beginning of your married life. Weeks before the actual wedding, you have the bachelor’s party, bridal shower, and many related events to plan.

One of those events is the engagement party, which you celebrate with friends and family. But how do you pull off the perfect party?

Read these tips to help you plan the best pre-wedding party without taking away anything from the actual wedding.

1. Set the Budget

Determining the budget is the most crucial step when planning for the perfect party. Consider all the expenses involved in the whole wedding event — f (more…)

30 Jan 2021