Bulk reusable bags

How To Save The Environment By Buying Reusable Bags

Who doesn’t love shopping? When you go into any store – even if it is just a grocery store – there is so much possibility for your eyes to behold. After all, who doesn’t love to buy something that’s perfect for them? But shopping and consumerism can take its toll on the environment, a consequence that all too many of us do not think about when we are making our purchases.

Much of this damage to our world comes directly from the shopping bags that we cart home our goods in. From the grocery store to the mall, plastic bags are the norm, even though the problems surrounding their use are not small. For instance, plastic bags are far from biodegradable. It is likely that a single plastic bag will take as many as one thousand years before fully breaking down. At minimum, it will be fifteen years before the bag degrades – and this is only in certain environments, as environmental factors affect things like this quite a bit more than many people realize. And even when plastic bags do bre (more…)

29 Aug 2018