12 Simple Scrunchie Styles to Try

The video discusses the numerous ways people can use a hair scrunchie in their hair to create fantastic hairstyles. One way to use a scrunchy is to create a low looping ponytail. A person can use that style for a professional meeting or keep it a casual daily style. You can also create a looping ponytail by wrapping the scrunchy around the hair twice and then pulling the hair only part of the way through on the third wrap-around.

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That will create the bun base. The final step is to take the hair left at the bottom, twist it in half, and then wrap it around the top of the bun to create a sophisticated style.

A bubble ponytail is another style someone can create with several scrunchies. The user can separate the hair into three different ponytails and then use scrunchies of various colors to enclose each ponytail. The individual can then coordinate an outfit to match some of the scrunchy colors. The style can be an excellent way for a person to show individuality and creativity.

This video demonstrates just 12 different styles can come from the use of colorful scrunchies, and many more innovative styles exist. A person who uses these ideas will never have a dull hair moment.