Are You Getting Ready for a Camping Trip? Why You Should Break In New Shoes First

Mens waterproof shoes

There has never been a better time to explore the outdoors: experts estimate that there are more than 40 million hikers, and that hiking and camping are among the most popular sports in the United States. If you spend quality time outside, you should know that mens and womens hiking shoes are the most important investment that you can make. If you are on a long thru-hike and develop problems with your hiking shoes, you may not have a way to make it safely back home. Buying shoes that fit — and taking the time to break them in — should be at the top of every hiker’s priority list. In general, you should look for womens waterproof walking shoes and hiking boots and plan to spend at least a few weeks breaking them in.

Expert hikers consistently report that a lighter shoe is a better one. If your walking or hiking shoes are too heavy, then you will not enjoy yourself as much when you spend time outdoors. Every pound that your shoes weigh feels like at least five pounds to your back and neck: when you are carrying a tent and other camping supplies, you could be draining yourself without even realizing it. When you select womens waterproof hiking shoes, try them on in the store if you can. You are looking for at least half an inch of room at the top, by your toes. When you get the new shoes home, wear them for about half an hour at first and make sure that you wear the same socks you plan to hike in.

There is a big difference between shoes that are tight because they are new and shoes that are uncomfortable, but it can take a few days to tell sometimes. Once you have your shoes contoured to your feet, you can take them on short jaunts. It’s probably a good idea to hike without a pack at first and to bring your old hiking shoes. Womens waterproof hiking shoes that fit well and that are comfortable is everyone’s goal, but if you get out onto the trail and you’re getting blisters, take the shoes off immediately and start to look into buying a different brand of shoes. If your womens waterproof hiking shoes fit almost perfectly but still have one or two stress points, you can take it into your local hiking supply store for some localized stretching.

Finding the right womens waterproof hiking shoes is the first step, but once you have them broken in to your liking, the next step is to choose your outdoor adventure. There is a wide range of outdoor activity that’s available to the general public, and you might be surprised at the national parks and outdoor sports clubs that exist in your local area. There are zip lines around the world that are available to the general public, and hiking trails that are clearly marked for different skill levels.

If you’re new to outdoor hiking, you should perform a search online before you commit to a trail: some people hike for the view, but others hike to get to the top of challenging mountains. Pick a degree of difficulty that you feel comfortable with, and if you realize that you’re in for more than you bargained for, it’s okay to turn around and start walking back to the beginning of the trail. Being outdoors should be fun, not stressful. Too often, beginners feel the need to push themselves too far without knowing the limits of their endurance – and their gear. More experienced hikers are not afraid to turn back in inclement weather, but they also know that they should pack rain gear “just in case.” If you’re thinking of hiking for the first time, choose a gentle path and have fun just being outside. Bring the right gear, and take the time to break in your hiking shoes in advance.

26 Oct 2016

3 Reasons Why You May Not Be Motivated During Your Day

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Have you ever had a day where you are just dragging? Where it just seems impossible to get yourself motivated and energetic all day? If you work or are a stay at home mom, having a lazy day is really not an option, unfortunately. You can’t just stay in bed all day because you can’t gather up the energy to get up. Generally speaking, you have to gather yourself up and force yourself to get up whether it be in order to make it on time to your job or to take the kiddos to school or get the family breakfast or what not. There are three main reasons as to why you might have these ‘tired days.’ Here they are and what you can do about them.

Not Enough Sleep
Sleep in so incredibly important. Experts say that we need seven to eight hours of sleep every single night. If you are getting any less than that on a regular basis, then this might be the cause of your lethargy. Having pure linen sheets on your bed is pointless if you don’t use them enough. Interrupted sleep is another reason why you might feel tired throughout the day. The studies that showed that we need seven to eight hours also showed that this meant seven to eight consecutive hours. If you have children, this is almost impossible but do what you can.

You might also try making your bed in the morning so that it is comfortable to get into at night. Bed sheet sets like pure linen sheets can tend to get a little tangled in the night. If you make your bed in the morning, you won’t have to worry about sorting all that out; you can just fall right in bed and go to sleep.

Not Eating Well
You could snuggle up with those pure linen sheets and sleep all day and all night and if you aren’t eating right, you’ll still feel heavy and lethargic. Make sure that you are eating small meals every three to four hours and that your meals are a good balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat. Try to stay away from sugary foods as they tend to not make you full for very long and also make you drowsy.

On a side note, if you are trying to lose weight, the best way to do it is to use small and often. The types calories you consume matter as well.

Not Enough Activity
If you have gotten the eating and sleeping thing down, the next thing you need to add in is your exercise. This could even be just going for a walk every day. If you have the time, going to a gym or a full on exercise regime at home is best but doing a little something is better than nothing. Try to exercise at least three times a week to start and then you can build up from there.

There’s the gym, as mentioned, and walking but there are also plenty of work out videos on the Internet that you can pull from. There are even written circuit training work outs on sites like Pinterest and others that are good. A mix of strength training and cardio is best. You may feel like this is making you even more tired at first but keep at it and you’ll start to notice that you feel a lot better in the mornings and throughout the day.
If you can get more of the above three issues, then you will likely see a huge spike in your energy and motivation during your day to day life. It may not happen right away but consistency is key. It’s alright to be exhausted at the end of the day, fall into your pure linen sheets and go right to sleep. In fact, that’s the best thing to do. But in order to feel refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning, you need to make sure that you are getting enough sleep, eating properly and exercising through out your day. Consistency is key and if you can do that for a couple of weeks, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much more motivation you have.

25 Oct 2016

Protect Yourself and Your Family from the Dangers of Electromagnetic Fields

Learn how to block emf

Exposure to electromagnetic fields, or EMF, has been known to cause a variety of adverse biologic effects. EMF dangers have been the topic of several studies, and these studies will continue in order to understand the effects of cordless phone radiation, laptop radiation, and other radiation-producing devices.

There are a number of mental, emotional, and physiological issues that can potentially result from EMF exposure:

    Concentration difficulties
    Decreased sperm viability
    Neurological problems
    Sleep issues

In addition to the above, there has also been around a 30% increase in brain tumors of an “unknown nature” since 2008. This has not been noted in the National Cancer Registry, however.

In 2010, a study was conducted with children and adolescents. As a result of this study, it was determined that EMF exposure on a short-term basis caused issues for these chilren in school. These issues included concentration difficulties, headaches, and irritableness.

In a 2012 study conducted on physiological stressors on cells, it was determined that the effects of chronic EMF exposure continue after 1.5 years.

In a 2012 study that examined the effects of Wi-Fi level laptop exposure on sperm viability, it was determined that after only four hours, sperm had decreased viability.

In a study that examined the effects on children whose mothers used cell phones while pregnant, it was found that these children had more of the following issues:

    Emotional problems: 25%
    Hyperactivity: 35%
    Conduct problems: 49%
    Peer problems: 34%

A national study was conducted with adults between the ages of 81-to-91. This study examined the effects of short-term exposure to GSM phone radiation within this age group which reported the following issues:

    Concentration problems
    Neurological problems
    Sleep issues

It has also been found that EMF can affect cells at a lower level than with conventional heating. In fact, it has been determined that these levels are a billion times lower. Furthermore, there can be bio-effects within the initial minutes of using a cell or cordless phone.

In 2007, it was concluded that EMF public safety limits continued to be insufficient. In the interests of protecting public health, it was agreed that new, biologically-based limits needed to be determined.

What can be done to protect against EMF dangers? There are a variety of available options for EMF blockers and EMF shielding:

    Cell phone radiation blocker
    Laptop radiation shield
    Microwave oven shielding
    Room shield

Given that cell phone and laptop usage is unlikely to decrease, it’s important to protect against cordless phone radiation as well as Wi-Fi radiation. More.

24 Oct 2016

The Best Male Fashion Styles That Will Last the Test of Time

Shop supreme clothing online

Any trendy guy knows how it works, you shop at an online apparel store for this season’s trends only to have them change next year. It is important to invest in some good quality pieces that will get you from season to season without breaking your bank account. Here are some pieces that will stand the test of time.

5 panel hats

Every guy needs a good hat that can get him from the gym to his favorite dinner spot without missing a beat. These 5 paneled hats are one of the best things to invest in, as you can wear it with everything while also covering up a bad hair day if needed. If you are looking for some inspiration, head over to Supreme apparel as they have a variety of supreme 5 panel hats to choose from.

Skinny jogger pants

The skinny jean is here to stay, and it most likely will never go out of style. If you want to keep the streamlined look while changing up your outfit a little bit, go for skinny fit joggers. These crop at your ankle so you can show off your nice new pair of kicks, without bunching or stretching out in weird places.

Flannel shirts

There is no such thing as too much flannel. This versatile piece can be worn for warmth during the winter time, or it can be worn open over a graphic supreme shirt for the summer time. Grab as many as you can, they go with a lot more than you think!

Leather tote bag

A guy needs a bag too! Ditch the canvas and go for something with a little bit more class. A leather bag will be able to stand up against the elements and can last you from college to your first — and second — jobs! Don’t forget to waterproof it and you will have nothing to worry about.

Wing tipped shoes

Even though sneakers are always a good idea, sometimes you have to be a little bit more fancy. Get a nice leather pair of winged tipped shoes, and you will sure to make a statement!

Need some inspiration for the hottest men’s hipster styles? Supreme online apparel store is the one stop shop for any fashionable male!

18 Oct 2016

Even Guys Can Find Stylish Waterproof Hiking Shoes

Outdoor sandals

Whether you are a guy or a girl, you deserve to have some of the best waterproof hiking shoes on the market. In fact, you deserve to have the best walking boots, comfortable walking boots or even best trekking sandals that look fashionable, are inexpensive and will last you for a while. This is important when you are looking into any kind of walking boot because you don’t want to walk around in anything that is considered hideous. We believe that you should be a fashionista, ready to go at all times. This guide will tell you not only how to get the hottest waterproof hiking shoes, but just about any shoe you want.

Look Online for Companies Selling the Latest Shoes

The internet is going to be your best friend when you are looking for the hottest shoes in fashion. You want to make sure that you are keeping up with social media and what’s trending because that’s going to be your source for getting any of the best shoes.

Even if you are into adventure and sports, you still can find the best athletic gear and hiking gear by keeping up with social media. There is a niche for almost every type of person out there with their fashion, so you need to be on the lookout for those places on social media. Most of these websites will help you find the best and most accessible shoes on the market for a cheap price.

Should You Trust Unknown Companies?

While name brand does seem to triumph most other brands because, after all, they did get huge for a reason. However, if you happen to stumble across a small business or startup, do a little research into the company first to see what they are about. When you know more about the company, you can make a decision as to whether it is safe to purchase your waterproof hiking shoes from or not.

Some companies just haven’t had the exposure that many of these larger brands have had and they won’t dominate the way that these companies do in the mainstream retail market. The great thing about the advancement of the internet is that so many people can put their ideas to work and create online businesses. There are so many great products out there, especially shoes, that you can get from smaller companies. This is where you may wind up saving a lot of money.

Sometimes saving money doesn’t come in the form of coupons and discount codes. You can simply purchase a similar item from another vendor or store that is smaller and willing to sell the product for cheaper. If the small business has been around for business, chances are they have really good quality products and it is what is keeping them in business. Most of their business will be return customers, so they are giving their current customers a reason to return — a great sign to see in a store.

Make an Informed Decision On Any Company

Regardless if the company is well known or not, you want to make an informed decision when it comes to your waterproof hiking shoes. You deserve to have the best shoes on the market and you can be reassured to get this when you invest in the right company. Take time to research what others are saying on review boards and social media to help you get the insight on the best waterproof hiking shoes on the market.

You can also look at actual product ratings as well to see individual products. This will help you find the best product from a particular brand or store. You need something that is going to be durable, comfortable and stylish all-in-one, no matter the style of the shoe. This is something that you deserve to have in your shoe.

13 Oct 2016

The Perfect Police Footwear to Protect Our Protectors

Work boots

We are constantly on the move. Society has developed to the point that if there isn’t a hustle and bustle to be somewhere or to get something done, we feel guilty or pressured to find something that keeps us on the go. And while there is such a wide variety of jobs and demands within those jobs, for the most part it is our feet that carries the brunt of the work, rushing from meeting to meeting or cab to office or construction site or hospital or grocery store. There are so many jobs that require workers to be on their feet quite a bit. And those workers would be able to tell you that one of the most important pieces of work equipment would be what goes on their feet.

Strong and sturdy footwear to protect your feet
Some jobs require workers to wear boots or other footwear that meet certain requirements, whether they are steel toe boots or something similar that gives your feet a significant amount of protection. Construction work sites, factories, and other environments where workers are operating heavy machinery or there are other such significant risks, are common places to find specific requirements laid out when it comes to protective gear. The human foot is a strange and intricate mix of power, stability, flexibility and fragility.

There are 26 bones, 19 muscles, 33 joints, and 107 ligaments in a foot. The shock, wear, and pressure that is put on a person’s feet in normal circumstances is enough to seek comfortable and supportive footwear. but these occupations that involve more movement or more risk of falling objects or heavy lifting definitely need special care and attention when it comes to protecting the feet. And of course, in the case of something like police footwear, you want more than just comfort.

The need for balance in the perfect police footwear
Police footwear is another example of the necessity for something more. Comfortable boots are important, as many police officers may find themselves on their feet all day, or may find themselves chasing a perpetrator on foot, which brings in another factor. For the ability to move quickly, the right police footwear should be lightweight and flexible, providing support in case of covering uneven ground. But police boots are still work boots. There should be elements of durable, heavy duty protection for the many unknown factors that officers may find themselves facing, or rather running, stepping, jumping, or climbing into.

Protecting your feet at all costs
You may not give much thought to the fact of how important the care of your feet really is, but attempt to get around or even perform regular daily functions without the use of one or both of your feet, and you will quickly understand. In the United States, the industrial market for foot and leg products is right around $1 billion. These products range anywhere from rubber and plastic boots to guards for feet and legs, to safety boots and shoes. There is a very real necessity and demand for the protection of your lower limbs.

A growing recent trend is in products that keep track of the steps that you take in your day. The focus is of course on health and movement, but the next time that you take note of how many steps you travel in a day, or even over the course of your commute to work, or a random hour of your day, think about how much work your feet are putting in without you even thinking about it. Your feet deserve to be treated right and protected well, and that starts with following the footwear guidelines of risky environments. Of workers who suffered foot injuries, only 23% of them had been wearing safety boots or shoes. It is not worth the risk of having to spend weeks, months or even longer sitting while you attempt to nurse your foot back to health. Wear the right protective gear.

13 Oct 2016