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What Is the Best Promotional Item You Can Give Away at Your Next Trade Show?

Promo t shirts

The two retired English teachers were ready to take their ACT English and reading test study techniques and preparation on the road. After years of teaching these same skills in their classrooms, and the last few months teacher private study sessions to one or two students at a time, the two teachers had agreed to their first big audience. Scheduled by the principals of three different high schools, the two teachers had agreed to instruct as many as 150 students in the art of preparing and practicing for the late October test.
They had painstakingly prepared a Powerpoint slide show that started with edits for sample sentences that had been carefully crafted to use a variety of grammar and syntactical errors. They had prepared handouts that would allow the students to follow along and take notes. They even brought along some business cards for their college scholarship essay writing services, as well as some pencils imprinted with the name of their company. They felt well prepared.
When the first student arrived, however, the presenters overheard the young man jokingly ask where were the free t-shirts?
Even before the evening session had started, the two presenters added designing a t-shirt to their list of upcoming promotional pieces.
Pumpkins for Halloween. Footballs for Thanksgiving. Ornaments for Christmas. Eggs for Easter.
Each of these traditional shapes are pretty common representations of the accompanying holiday. And while some might switch out turkeys for footballs and Christmas trees for ornaments, the decision to use a simple shape to promote a holiday is really nothing new.
Take these shapes and form them into compressed towels or compressed t-shirts, however, and you have a fairly new, but effective, marketing strategy. Vendors who give out compressed towels or compressed t-shirts to promote their product or service, however, are feeding the consumer’s love for anything free, especially if it is a wearable t-shirt. Even though they may start the size of small bar of soap, compressed towels, compressed tote bags, and compressed t-shirts grow into full size promotional items when they are exposed to water.
Easier to pack for a trade show and incorporating the element of surprise, compressed towels and promotional items are a popular vendor give away at many trade shows and career fairs.
Are You Looking for Promotional T-Shirts, Bags, or Other Items for Your Next Event?
Did you know that 95% of Americans wear t-shirts? In fact, as many as nine in 10 Americans indicate that they have at least one t-shirt that they refuse to get rid of for sentimental reasons. For many people, the t-shirts they wear help chronicle their life. The shirts help high school students document their college campus visits; help runners track the races they run; help parents collect memories of their children’s elementary, middle school, and high school events. No wonder promotional t-shirts are such popular items, for both vendors and visitors.
Trade show visitors can be easily attracted to a colorful booth with large graphics and gimmicks. The challenge for the vendor, though, is to help those visitors remember the booth’s products and services days, weeks, even months, after the trade show event. The fact that so many people hold onto t-shirts is one reason that vendors like to offer these as give aways. Taking a unique approach and offering compressed t-shirts just adds to the novelty.
Whether they are used for exercising, lounging around the house, or as an intentional promotion of a product, the simple fact that a current customer or potential client has a wearable good that advertises a company name is a great promotion idea. The latest research indicates that t-shirts may, in fact, be one of the best ways to reach both male and female customers. In fact, 70% of men and 54% of women in America today are those who indicate that they own more than 10 t-shirts.
Whether you are an educational service promoting products to high school and college students, or whether you are a business that caters to technology groupies or sports fans, promotional t-shirts are a perfect item to offer. Long after the trade show is over, your company name will still be on the mind’s, and maybe on the back’s, of potential customers.

12 Oct 2016

Four Reasons Why You Should Make Charitable Clothing Donations

Charity donations

With increasing concerns about the quantity of waste in landfills (not to mention the oceans), clothing donations and recycling are welcome moves towards curbing the widespread menace posed by trash. Recent studies show that 12 million tons of clothing and textile waste are added to the landfills every year. Textile wastes form a significant portion of total solid waste, which degrades the environment. So as you plan to revamp your wardrobe and release the old collection for fall, consider charities that pick up donations at your door.

Why donate clothing?

In 2007, an estimated $5.8 billion worth of clothing donations were made through charity organizations in the United States. Each pound of cotton reused lowers carbon emission by seven pounds, which is equivalent to seven miles of driving. Are you ready to join the cause? Below are few more reasons why clothing charity donations are a worthy cause.

Makes a difference to others

Often, people associate donations with monetary contributions towards an individual drive. The perception bars many from reaching out to the needy and getting the gratification that comes with selfless giving. One person?s garbage is another person?s treasure, hence the need to join the noble cause of transforming people?s lives in your community. In 2011, an estimated 2 million tons of clothing and textile products were recycled or donated to charitable organizations here in the United States.

Tax benefits

While it might not be the prime reason for giving, clothes donations come with a bonus. Someone else benefits from your donated valuables — you — as you reduce your tax burden. Payable acts attract rebates from the government, which slices the amount deducted from your income. Just maintain the records of the clothing donations to itemize in the tax forms.

Clean up your space

A good inventory of your wardrobe is likely to show what you do not need, and those items can then be donated or recycled as needed. If you are the kind that keeps lamenting over the lack of space available in the closet, recycling helps you free up some space and aid others simultaneously. A standard bag of clothes donation is enough to give you a sense of peace as well as wellbeing in your room.

Preserves the environment

Don’t forget, you need 700 gallons of water and one-third pound of pesticides to grow sufficient cotton to manufacture one T-shirt. Disposing of the garments strains the natural resources while introducing harmful chemicals into the environment. A World Bank survey estimates about 20% of water pollution comes from textile treatment and dying. If every American reused one T-shirt, they would save 210 billion gallons of water and prevent 1 billion pounds of carbon emission.

Finally, there’s no excuse for throwing old clothes in the trash. If you cannot travel to make clothing donations, charities that pick up donations are available in every major city in the country.

11 Oct 2016

3 Reasons Why Every Woman Needs a Good Tote Bag

Leather belts for men

Just like you can often judge a man by his shoes or his tie, you can always judge a woman by her purse. Are you a handbag maiden or a clutch queen? A bucket gal or a messenger maven? Oftentimes, it’s always a good idea to have a few of each ready to go in your closet so that you can be whoever you want to be, on any given day!

One thing’s for sure, though: Every woman needs at least one or two high quality leather totes in her fashion arsenal. If there’s one look that’s virtually timeless and versatile enough to take you from the grocery store to the office to the nightclub all in one day, it’s the legendary tote bag. Here are three reasons why tote bags for women are a fine leather goods must-have, no matter the season.

  1. They’re durable.
    Those leather belts you’ve had since you were a teenager? They’re still usable because leather is so gosh-darn durable. It can even look more chic after it’s been through a little bit of wear and tear. Leather totes will stand up to long commutes, heavy loads, and even long years of being forgotten at the back of your closet.
  2. They’re just right.
    There are those evenings you’re getting ready to go out, and can’t decide whether you’re too overdressed or underdressed. A leather tote is the perfect “Goldilocks” bag: not too much of anything, but just right for practically everything. And they can even hold a spare change of shoes if you really need to change!
  3. They’re versatile.
    Day to night, office to vacation, home hangs to date nights. Is there anywhere you can’t go with a good leather tote? Plus, unlike other larger-end bags, they don’t look awkward when they’re not packed with stuff, either. No more bottomless purse abyss.

Let’s face it: We all like to have a lot of different purses. But if you’re going to only have one purse, make it a tote. They’ll never go out of style, and they’ll always be able to carry whatever you need — and make you look good while you do it.

05 Oct 2016

Get Moving into the Right Pair of Waterproof Walking Shoes

Womens waterproof hiking boots

Movement is essential for the human body. This may seem like an obvious statement, but if you compare the daily activities of our nomadic ancestors with the current trends of sitting behind desks and screens, the encouragement to move starts to make much more sense. We were not made to sit as still as many of us find ourselves doing for the majority of our days, and the evidence can be found in the overall decline in public health. Much of the issues with obesity, blood pressure, and heart health can be traced to the widespread lack of movement. But perhaps there just needs to be the right kind of motivation, such as the perfect pair of waterproof walking shoes.

Why you are missing out if you don’t have waterproof walking shoes
So the truth is that everyone finds their own path when it comes to exercise and movement. Maybe you will take an aerobic dance class, or join a rowing team, or start jogging. But if you are not sure where to start, you can always resort to the most basic form of movement: walking. One of the very first things we learn how to do, the simplest mode of transportation. You barely need any equipment apart from your own body. The one thing you do need is the right pair of waterproof walking shoes. Of course, they are not required to be waterproof, but if they are, then you will not have any simple excuses when it comes time to move on a rainy day.

Benefits of having the perfect pair of waterproof walking shoes
The only “equipment” that you need for walking is the right pair of tires. That is, if your body is a machine, you need to be fitted with the right pair of tires to keep everything working properly. Finding a waterproof pair not only takes away your excuse for not going out in rainy weather, but it keeps you prepared for whatever you may come across during your outing, from puddles to snow to river crossings. And whether you invest in trekking sandals or winter walking boots, you should be able to check off a few different elements when you shop for the perfect adventure shoes.

What should I be looking for in my shoes?

It does not matter if you are planning on buying trail walking shoes or a pair of athletic kicks to wear as you circle the local track, there are some key traits that your new equipment should possess.

    Your shoes should be…

  • Waterproof

    As previously stated, it is a major plus to have waterproof footwear when you are out for some exercise, especially when you are out in the elements. Waterproof shoes will help to keep your feet dry as well as decrease the chances of developing uncomfortable blisters. Be prepared for walking, hiking or running in any condition by donning waterproof footwear ahead of time.
  • Supportive

    The last thing that you want when you are trying to improve your fitness level is for an ankle to give out, or to feel like your shoes are not providing the basic support that you need to go on your way. Finding the right amount of support in a pair of shoes is crucial for the safety of your feet and joints. You will want to keep track of how far you trek in each pair of shoes, as they will start to lose their support after about 500 miles.
  • Lightweight and flexible
    The heavier the footwear, the more apparent the strain on your stamina and overall energy, not to mention the gradual wear on your joints. Many hikers often compare one pound of weight in your shoes is equal to carrying about five pounds on your back. You’ll need to find that perfect balance of heavy duty enough for your adventure but light and flexible enough for you to comfortably maneuver around.

It is recommended that adults get at least two and a half hours of moderate aerobic physical movement each week, and for at least 10 minutes at a time. Movement is important. So get fitted with the right pair of shoes and get moving.

04 Oct 2016

How to Shop for Leather Briefcases for Men

Leather totes

Leather briefcases for men are a great way to improve a guy?s style and to give him a sense of being. If you want to help spruce up someone you know and give him a newer, cleaner look with leather briefcases, leather belts and other fine leather goods ? continue reading.

Do You Need a Commuter Leather Tote

The first thing to ask yourself is the purpose of the leather briefcase. Why do you want to get this as a good gift over other leather goods ? such as a leather belt. If you find that commuting is difficult without even including the weight and strain of carrying a leather bag, then you may want something that offers comfort.

Certain leather briefcases for men offer many different styles, which come with different straps. Some of these straps have pads to help with relieving the tension of the bag on the shoulders. Overtime this has been shown to cause really bad health problems for men. Leather bags with comfortability in mind will help prevent your loved one from having to deal with that.

Do You Need a Leather Tote with Lots of Space?

If you?re looking to invest in a leather tote, you want to know how much space will be needed. See just how many things your boyfriends or husband brings with him to work. Take into mind the many different pocket-styles offered in leather briefcases for men in business. It?s understood by many businesses that you needed to have a lot of space, along with a lot of different compartments to stay organize. If you find your loved one doesn?t store anything outside of papers, then a minimalist leather bag might be the ideal fit for him.

How to Shop with Price in Mind

You want to make sure you are not getting overcharged for a leather briefcase. Whether it?s a gift or not, it shouldn?t be hurting your pockets too much. Look online and see what offers you can find on leather briefcases for men and browse the different third party sites. Some of these websites will distribute in-house and have their own brand; meanwhile, others may have their own rights to sell a certain brand and can offer you a heavy discount versus purchasing it in the store.

Do your research first. This is definitely going to save you a lot of money in the end with your leather briefcase purchase. If you take time, you can find a high-quality brand for a reduced price that was practically a steal. Give yourself patience and time and it can happen.

Leather Briefcases for Men are a Great Casual Way to Spruce Up and Organize

Being on top of your game is important. You want to make sure that you?re prepared for every situation as a business owner. Purchasing specifically-designed men?s leather briefcases can give you the edge you need to maintaining your business. The more time you take with upgrading your look, the more appealing you will be to potential clients and investors. Want that new job? Well, shop for leather briefcases for men that you can bring with you to impress your employer.

27 Sep 2016

What are the Different Types of Hair Extensions?

Best place for hair extensions

Women put a lot of effort and time into their hair. They spend a lot of money on products to color and add volume to it. They spend hours and hours sitting in a hair salon, having it styled and professionally cut. They may even take unique measures for healthier hair, including brushing it a specific amount of times or trying rare hair conditioning treatments. Hair trends, just like clothing trends also often change with the time. In today?s world, many women aim for long, thick hair. Growing long hair may be difficult for some women, so salons have introduced the option of hair extensions. Hair extensions allow you to instantly have longer hair, without the work of growing it out. You are probably wondering, what are the different types of hair extensions?

Hair does not grow for many reasons. Your hair may be so damaged that it breaks off before it even has the chance to grow long. You may also experience medical side effects or health conditions that prevent your hair from growing longer or thicker. In fact, by 40, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, 40% of women show signs of female pattern hair loss, a result of genetics, hormonal changes, poor nutrition, crash diets, medical conditions or certain medications. With all of these possible reasons for lack of hair growth, it can be very difficult to achieve the length that you desire. What are the different types of hair extensions that are available to you?

There are actually many different materials of hair extensions available. Hair extensions are made to feel and look like real hair. You can get hair extensions in a variety of colors and textures, allowing it to mimic your actual hair, as closely as possible. You may still be wondering, what are the different types of hair extensions? Your salon is a great place to visit and see actual examples of different types of hair extensions. Hair extensions and beautiful salons are a great place to have the ability to feel the different types.

According to a report by the Professional Beauty Association, the past two years have seen a 28.5% increase in the number of U.S. salons that offer hair extensions. The specific type of hair extension will factor into the cost. What are the different types of hair extensions is an important question to ask when considering the cost of them. Extensions can cost as low as $300 (depending on your geographical area) and go up to $10,000. The best place for hair extensions is at your local salon. You should always ask to see examples of previous work done by the stylist. Improper hair extension installation can look awkward or be very uncomfortable. You also want to be sure that the extensions are serving the purpose you desire.

For example, if you desire longer hair that matches your current hair color, you will need to carefully select extensions that resemble your hair color. Most hair extensions should not be dyed, so you want to ensure that you hair color is what you want prior to having them put in. If your goal is for thicker hair, you will want thicker pieces of hair extensions that add body to hair. It is important to discuss your hair goals with your salon stylist, to ensure that you are paying for what you want to achieve.

Women put a lot of time and effort into their hair. Many women desire long and thick hair, but are unable to grow their hair out effectively. Things like genetics, medical conditions, poor diet and medication side effects can all contribute to lack of hair growth. However, hair extensions can help women to achieve that long and thick hairdo, without having to wait for it to grow on its own. You should discuss your hair goals and the pricing of the hair extensions with your salon stylist prior to beginning the hair extension process. With hair extensions, women can quickly change their hairstyle to that long and thick look they have always wanted.

15 Sep 2016